Aircraft Appraisal when Buying an Aircraft


If you want to purchase a new quality aircraft, then the best place to do so is in an auction. Here you can buy these quality aircraft at a price far below retail value. These aircraft which have brand names and of top quality were previously owned by people who had to sell them fast in order to pay their debts and avoid storage and maintenance costs. So, the aircraft becomes property of the bank of the state and are sold in auctions. Sometimes you can even buy an almost new aircraft with a big percentage off the retail price.

If you buy an aircraft, then you consider this as a major investment and so you should do it carefully, especially if you have no experience in buying aircrafts or this in your first time in doing so. You can be buying an aircraft with the same amount that you pay for buying a house. And if you also do home inspection and appraisal before buying a house, you also do aircraft appraisal before buying an aircraft. Doing aircraft appraisal is the safest way to go. But, sometimes people don’t want to do this appraisal because of its cost and they feel that they are just buying a used one anyway.

Aircraft appraisal in very important. Here, a third party professional, the Aircraft Value appraiser, takes a look at the plane or any other aircraft and determines its value. The appraiser repots the value of the aircraft through a detailed written report. The report includes the reasons why he arrived at that value. This is very important to any buyer of an aircraft like you.

However, this appraisal is simply an opinion of the value of the aircraft. Nevertheless, it is an important process and document to have. This opinion is needed to at least know what the plane is worth.

If you are going to have the aircraft appraised, then you should choose a certified aircraft appraiser from the American Society of Appraisers. The official report from an aircraft appraised is a document that is widely accepted in the industry. For more facts and information about aircraft, go to

If you have bought your aircraft and you need to buy an insurance policy, you will need to know the worth of the plane when shopping for an insurance policy. Since you are buying your plane from an auction, then its value will definitely not be the same as what you paid for it.

Aircraft appraisal is important. So, take time to properly document your plane. So, before buying anew one, make sure that you have your Aircraft Value appraisal done.


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